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Friday, 23 November 2012

Too precious to lose campaign

The Nymboida River in Nymboi-Binderay National Park

With COAG confirmed for December 7, we now know exactly when Labor will start to hand nearly all federal environmental powers to the states, abandoning places like the Reef and species like the koala to the whim of one level of government – and a resource-hungry one at that. They’re negotiating big parts of the deal on December 7, and want to sign off between then and March.

Our environment is under attack like never before.

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Kimberley to Tasmania’s Tarkine wilderness, the thoughtless greed of the mining bubble is putting at risk places and wildlife which are too precious to lose, and the communities who rely on them.

Worse, our federal and state governments plan to change the laws to make it even easier for industry to do whatever they want without listening to the community. Some things are too precious to lose.
It’s time to come together to stop big mining and logging corporations and our federal and state governments from destroying things that are too precious to lose in the name of a quick buck.

You can add the part of Australia you think is too precious to lose to our map by uploading your own photos and stories here.
Koalas- Too precious to lose

Laws to protect them

In 1999, the Howard Government introduced the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. It was meant to give Australia’s Environment Minister the power to protect the places and animals which are so important, and so fragile, that they matter to all Australians.

Now, the ALP Government and the Coalition are ganging up to make these laws weaker, and hand over most of the Environment Minister’s powers to state governments.

If environment protection were left to the states, they would have dammed the Franklin River, put oil rigs in the Great Barrier Reef and built Traveston Dam. So many of the great things that our communities have fought to save could now be wound back, or destroyed entirely.

We don’t have much time. Join the campaign to strengthen these laws before it's too late.

Dorrigo National Park- Too precious to lose

Better alternatives

We don’t have to lose these precious places and species. There are so many better alternatives for the communities that love them. Find out more about how we can support these communities as well as save our precious places here.

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