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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

O'Farrell's planning regime to trash local environment and heritage

Media Release:   12 November 2012

Legislation to be pushed through NSW Parliament this week will undermine the strength of the NSW planning system and makes a mockery of Barry
O'Farrell's promise to return planning powers to local communities.

See SMH:

NSW Greens MP and Planning Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

"These pro-developer laws will wipe out most heritage and environmental
protections that local communities have put in place.

"Some of the most precious parts of Sydney's heritage from the Rocks, to
Paddington and Parramatta face bring carved up by developers if these
changes become law.

"In his contract with NSW Barry O'Farrell said he would 'return planning
powers to the community' and 'give communities a say again in the shape of
their community'.  This is a promise he has now broken.

"This proposal will also set a green light for developers to ignore the
concerns of councils and force high impact developments such as hotels on
unwilling local communities.

"DCPs are the fine grained controls that protect local communities from
inappropriate development. This government intends to gut them.

"The changes will prevent councils from considering the cumulative impact
of developments and force them to make short term decisions that will
inevitably backfire on local communities.

"Councillors must be able to prevent inappropriate developments that will
see pubs, bottle shops and other high impact facilities saturating their
local communities.

"If this becomes law, over the next few years we will see thousands of
cases where private developers will be encouraged to maximise their return
blind to the impact on the local environment.

"As with Labor's pro-developer laws, the Greens will again stand up for the
rights of local communities and residents to determine their own future in
the face of yet another bulldozer-friendly government.
"We will hold the Premier to his promise on planning even if he has already
forgotten it," Mr Shoebridge said.

David Shoebridge

Greens MP in the NSW Legislative Council



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