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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Greens back independent authority to oversee impacts of coal mines

Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 Greens-Media

Responding to the release of a global study into the impacts of coal mining on people's health, Greens MP and environment spokesperson Cate Faehrmann has backed calls for an independent authority to monitor pollution from coal mines and power stations, and for better mitigation strategies such as buffer zones around new mines.

"When we consider the high number of coal projects in the Hunter, it's outrageous that proper health impact studies haven't already been completed.  This kind of information should be available during the planning and approvals process for new mines," said MsFaehrmann.

 "Hunter residents simply don't have access to the kind of information they deserve regarding the health impacts coal mines are having on their families and communities.

"The jump in particle emissions in the Hunter is in line with the jump in coal production. Dust mitigation efforts are simply not working and something has to be done.

"What's clear is that a lot of the costs borne by local communities simply aren't being taken into account in the approvals process. If we put a dollar figure on the health impacts that are happening now and that will be caused for decades to come, these mega coal mines would not be approved.

"The evidence is in, coal mining is wrecking communities and people's health. It's time for the government to tell the Hunter community what their exit plan is.

 "The NSW Government has to take responsibility for a problem that multinational coal companies won't solve unless they are forced to.

 "We need to replace quarry vision profiteering with investment in renewable energy. Renewable technology is jobs rich and is the pathway to a cleaner and healthier future for Hunter communities," said Ms Faehrmann.


An EPA report on a jump in coal dust emissions is at http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/air/airinventory.htm

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