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Friday, 9 November 2012

ABC NEWS: Clear science or muddy waters? Academic questions CSG research

8 November, 2012 2:11PM AEDT
Bubbling gas in the Condamine River
Industry and government are quick to point to the science that underpins their operations. CSG opponents are quick to trash it. Now a Victorian academic has raised concerns about the quality or rather the quantity of research that is the foundation for plans to rapidly expand the industry in NSW.
Dr Gavin Mudd is from the Monash University School of Engineering and says too much of what's been dressed up as 'research' is actually little more than guesswork.
"Claims are made that things are safe or that it's very low risk, but often that's based on assumption, that's not based on good field data and long-term monitoring of existing coal seam gas projects.

Full story at: ABC NEWS

8 November, 2012 1:29PM AEDT

Metgasco's big plans for CSG exploration in the Clarence Valley despite community concerns

The coal seam gas (CSG) industry is expanding rapidly and there are plenty of people who are worried. On the mid north and north coast opposition to CSG exploration is gaining momentum in Gloucester, the Manning and most recently, the Clarence Valley.

Full story at ABC NEWS

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