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Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Royal Commission in NSW is essential: No more excuses Premier 9 November 2012

David Shoebridge

Following the extraordinary evidence of Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox on ABC Lateline there are growing calls for the NSW Premier to stop making excuses and immediately establish a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and other religious and non-religious organisations.

Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

"The Premier continues to avoid calling a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse in the Church and other organisations.  This is now becoming a failure of leadership.

"The evidence of DCI Fox is clear - the Church has hidden evidence, hindered prosecutions and helped criminals escape justice.

"If this was any other organisation there would be no hesitation in calling a Royal Commission.

"It is nothing other than distraction for the Premier to say, as he does, that a Royal Commission would prejudice ongoing police investigations.

"Royal Commissions have repeatedly been called on issues that involve alleged criminal conduct whether it is on the waterfront, in the building industry or the Wood Royal Commission on child sexual abuse.  None of these have prejudiced a single prosecution.

"A Royal Commission would not hinder police investigations and the Premier is being disingenuous when he says otherwise.

"There have been calls for a National Royal Commission to be established, and while this may be appropriate at some stage, it is no substitute for the Premier immediately establishing a Royal Commission in NSW.

"The crimes to be investigated by any Royal Commission are inherently matters for State regulation under the criminal law and child welfare laws.  This requires the NSW government to act, not pass the buck.

"To date the Premier has been deaf to the calls from victims of abuse, survivors and their families.  I can only hope that he will not be equally deaf to a reasoned and passionate plea from one of the State's most experienced police officers.

"For the good of victims, the law and the many good people in the Church looking for an answer to this terrible problem, the Premier needs to act immediately and establish a Royal Commission," Mr Shoebridge said.

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  1. One organisation that needs to be investigated is St John ambulance:



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