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Friday, 5 October 2012

I support TAFE

Reblogged from John Kaye's site

John Kaye outside Grafton TAFE

TAFE: Vital to Australia's Future

The Greens are committed to a well funded, publicly owned TAFE system as the dominant provider of vocational education and training. We will work to reverse the damage done to TAFE by State and Federal Governments.
I Support TafeAustralia's economic future depends on a strong, well funded public TAFE system. We must reverse the deterioration in working conditions of TAFE teachers and students and the growth in poor quality private providers.
The Greens are campaigning to:
  • End the casualisation of TAFE. Restore full time teaching to 70% of hours taught. Protect the rights of casual teachers, including access to professional development.
  • Provide growth funding to TAFE. Reduce class sizes, restore course lengths, increase administrative support and end the axing of courses to save money. Fund teacher salary rises and professional development. Reduce the workloads on teachers.
  • End the growth in the "user choice" funding of private providers. An immediate freeze on government funding of private providers. Ban public funding of private providers where TAFE can supply the same training.

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