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Friday, 5 October 2012

UPDATE Jan 2013: Chris Hartcher speaks out on the dangers of coal seam gas exploration, May 3, 2005

Remember when Chris Hartcher was in opposition?

This is what he said in 2005. Watch the video.

This is what he has said in the Telegraph today:

"There are two million gas extraction wells throughout the world now, and it's difficult for the anti-gas protesters to point to one that is causing problems," he said.
"The challenge for them is to find a single example where the water has been tainted or the ground has been damaged. But they don't have a single example - anywhere in the world."

This is the same person who in Parliament in 2005 said the following in relation to coal seam gas exploration plans in his area on the Central Coast:

“It is well-known that in the northern Pilliga forest, massive environmental damage was caused by Eastern Star Gas at its Bohena No. 2 drill site as a result of exploration practices. Experiences in the United States of America, and in the State of Wyoming especially, clearly demonstrate disastrous problems associated with this industry through groundwater loss, contamination and waste water.”

The hypocrisy is rank. This guy has got to be dumped as Minister.

and the link:

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