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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Secret TAFE documents confirm Victorian TAFEs will close due to savage government cuts - Pennicuik

14 September 2012

Documents labelled 'cabinet-in-confidence' obtained by the ABC expose plans for the closures or amalgamations of TAFE campuses including sell-offs of public assets and further course reductions, staff losses and increases in course fees.

"These documents show what we unfortunately expected due to the savagery
of the government cutbacks to TAFE," Greens spokesperson for Education,
Sue Pennicuik said today.

"Our public TAFEs provide a pathway to over 365,000 Victorians every year.
This government is destroying TAFE, leaving thousands of school leavers
and retrainers with nowhere to go," she said.

"The information should never have been secret in the first place," Ms
Pennicuik said. "TAFE is publicly funded and TAFE campuses around Victoria
have been built with taxpayer's money, so taxpayers have a right to know
what the savage cuts the government has imposed will do to the public TAFE

"TAFE colleges have been forced into this by government cuts that are
totally unnecessary," Ms Pennicuik said. "There has been no blowout in
TAFE enrolments. The blowout has been in the private trainers, due to the
disastrous market contestability introduced by the previous Labour

"The Skills Victoria training market quality report shows that there has
been a 310 per cent growth in private training enrolments and only a 4 per
cent growth in TAFE enrolments. So why is the government making these
massive cuts to TAFE?"

"On top of all this the government has voted down my motion for a
parliamentary inquiry into reports of widespread training rorts by private
registered training organisations (RTOs), which is seeing students ripped
off by RTOs that are running substandard courses," Ms Pennicuik said.

Further comment:  Sue Pennicuik   0409 055 875 / 03 9530 8399

AEU's 2012 State of our TAFEs survey:

 •Over 90% of Victorian TAFE teachers believe reforms to Victoria's VET
system have had a negative effect on the quality of teaching and learning
at their TAFE
 •86% of teachers said they didn't believe they had the time to support
students to the level they require
 •63% of teachers said they had noticed a drop in enrolments from their
Institute this year
 •Those teachers who had noticed a drop in enrolments believed higher fees
(29%) and ineligibility for government support (26%) were the two main
 •60% of teachers said they were aware of questionable practices in
attracting students to courses at private Registered Training

How long before some NSW TAFE colleges are closed?

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