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Saturday, 22 September 2012

O'Farrell attacks marriage


The O'Farrell Government has abolished the age-old common law rule of spousal immunity that says that a person cannot be found guilty of failing to disclose a crime committed by the person's spouse or partner.

See today's reporting here:

"This change to the law, unlike the same sex marriage bills being
considered by the Federal Parliament, does damage to the institution of

"This law will make it a blanket rule that, regardless of the
circumstances, it will be a crime to not dob your partner in to the

 "We know very well that there are many women living in violent
relationships who are emotionally unable to leave their partner, let alone
positively inform on their partner to the police.

"This will even make it a crime for a women, who has been subject to
serious and constant assaults at the hands of her partner, to not report
her partner's crimes to the police.

"There are clearly cases where it should be a crime not to disclose,
including where a person is aware of child sexual abuse being committed by
their partner.

"Unfortunately the Government refused to support a Greens amendment which
would have referred this complicated matter for consideration of the Law
Reform Committee.

"This is a complex area of the law and it should have been carefully
considered by the Law Reform Commission before being rushed through

"There is a public interest in protecting close personal relationships and
encouraging trust and confidence between partners, yet this has been
entirely ignored by the government," Mr Shoebridge said.

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