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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Japan announces phase out: Another nail in nuclear’s coffin

Australian Greens spokesperson for nuclear policy Senator Scott Ludlam. 15 September 2012.

The Japanese Government has acknowledged the growing strength of the anti-nuclear movement sweeping Japan and proposed to phase out nuclear power entirely by the 2030s, a decision that will further degrade the prospects of Australia’s uranium miners.

“The phase out shows the writing is on the wall for nuclear power, but the slow pace is a problem.  The unambitious deadline will anger the tens of millions of Japanese people who are demanding that the nation’s nuclear reactors not be restarted at all,” said Australian Greens nuclear spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam.

“The fact that the Government now proposes to restart many of these plants will simply intensify the campaign for an immediate phase-out, a campaign the Japanese Greens will be taking into forthcoming national elections.

“For Australia, the significance of a major trading partner reversing out of the nuclear dead-end and embarking on a massive programme of renewable energy should be a cause for celebration.”

“As Europe moves toward the end of the nuclear age, the United States embraces ‘big solar’, and China steps up its remarkable renewable energy build, the message for Australia couldn’t be clearer:  this is the renewable energy century.”

Media contact:  Giovanni Torre – 0417 174 302

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