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Friday, 21 September 2012

Greens Say Study Misleads on Organic Benefits

Media Statement:

The significant benefits of organic products have been overlooked in recent reports on a Stanford University study questioning the benefits of organically produced food, say the Greens.

"Our health is too important to rely on only one statistical study," said Lynn MacLaren MLC and Greens spokesperson on food.

"As public interest in a healthier lifestyle and buying organic produce increases, it is worthwhile asking what we get for our money. Health-conscience people choose organic not only because of supposed nutritional benefits, but also to avoid pesticides and carcinogens."

"If we're talking of meat products too, organic means being free of hormones, antibiotics and steroids resulting from factory farming techniques.

"To boil it down to just nutrition is to miss the point. Many people don't want harmful by-products in their bodies. Many people don't want these products used on agricultural land that needs to be sustained for generations. Many people don't want these pumped into farm animals.

"The slow food movement, catching on in recent years, is not only about taking time to enjoy food and company while eating, but also about knowing where your food comes from, and taking a measure of responsibility for that.

"City-slickers are increasingly interested in how their food is produced. In days gone by, we would have all known more about that, living closer to the rural origins of our food.

"Many in the organic food community have raised alarm bells over the participation of one of the study's authors, Dr. Ingram Olkin, called into question over claims of links to Big Tobacco, and over the university's financial ties to Cargill, a powerful proponent of genetically engineered foods.

"The Greens 'truth in labelling' campaigns aim to empower shoppers to make ethical choices about what they eat," Ms MacLaren said.

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