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Friday, 21 September 2012

Campbell Newman’s war on Queensland families and services

Qld Senator Larissa Waters
13 Sep 2012  Reblogged from Australian Greens site

In the wake of ten thousand Queenslanders marching in Brisbane to express their anger over the Premier’s horror Budget, the Greens today warned that the impact on families, communities and the environment could be severe.

“While 14,000 Queensland families are about to be delivered a massive blow, Campbell Newman is playing blame games with the previous Government over his callous and unjustifiable public service cuts,” Australian Greens Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters, said.

 “With more than four thousand people to be sacked from the health department alone, all Queenslanders will feel the pain from the impact on essential public services.

“On top of the wind back of climate programs, slashing Wild Rivers and environment funding and protections, now more than 200 people will also get the sack from Queensland’s environment department.

“The rollback of the urban footprint for southeast Queensland and the removal of koala protection laws mean that protection for this adored but threatened species is left to the councils, potentially making the koala yet another devastating loss for the people of Queensland.

“Yet the federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke, is still determined to hand off his powers to Campbell Newman, who has gutted his environment department and plans to push off environment powers to councils – I will be asking Tony Burke if these latest developments are enough to finally make him reconsider.

“The Queensland Government can’t build a tower tall enough to shield Campbell Newman from the public’s condemnation, if he doggedly continues to strike at the heart of Queensland communities and the places and wildlife that are so precious to us.”

Download Audio of Senator Waters' press conference

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