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Saturday, 1 September 2012

A submission to the inquiry into the management of public land in NSW

We ask why this inquiry is necessary and worry about all the hidden agendas? Are we entering a time zone in NSW that will go down in history as the holocaust of the little that remains of the once vast NSW natural environment.

There is a constant battle across this planet between humans and nature. A battle that nature is losing at an alarming rate as species after species is depleted to extinction. Australia, as an enlightened nation, has recognised this by choosing to have a policy of Natural Environment Conservation in an effort to try to protect and preserve our diminishing natural assets. There is no halfway house, one either conserves the natural world or destroys it.

Sadly every human plays a part in the destruction of natural life on the planet by just being alive, for we occupy land; we purchase consumer goods; we add to the world's pollution problems; we increase our numbers; we unwittingly destroy the equilibrium of the natural ecosystems.

We plead to the current NSW Government, do not finalise the destruction of what little remains of the Australia we inherited in 1788. Maintain our National Parks and protected reserves. Nature and Sporting Recreation are chalk and cheese and do not go hand in glove. Do not lose the few natural treasures we still have by joining the majority of the peoples on this earth and destroying natural life because we either enjoy doing so or place no importance or understanding in protecting it. Once it is gone, it is gone forever.

As human scientific and intellectual understanding develops so does our responsibility to make the difficult decisions.  Protecting the natural world is difficult and costly work but may offer the future human race benefits undreamed of today. Destroying the natural world is child's play, we can all do it for little cost with our eyes closed and in total ignorance of what benefits we may be taking from the human race.

We plead do not let political games rule your head. However you choose to amend the management of public lands in NSW maintain the policy of Protection and Conservation of NSW natural assets as paramount. Do not mix conservation of our natural flora and fauna species with recreational sports, like shooting and horse-riding, and other activities that impact heavily on the environment.  And please do not remove National Park protection from the few NSW lands that are currently so designated.

Submission from: Trevor and Carol Deane to the state government's current inquiry into the management of public land.

Public Lands Inquiry

Reblogged from Cate Faehrmann's site

A Legislative Council inquiry was established on 23 April 2012 to inquire into the management of public land.

This inquiry is conducted by the General Purpose Standing Committee No. 5. Robert Brown, from the Shooters and Fishers Party is the Chair and I am a member of the committee.
The public is invited to make submissions and there will be public hearings during August, September, October and a final hearing in December. I encourage you to make a submission as the integrity of our National Parks are at stake.
Submissions close: 3 Aug 2012
Final Report Due: 30 Apr 2013

You can email your submission to gpscno5@parliament.nsw.gov.au

The NSW Coalition Government with the collusion of the Shooters and Fishers have already launched attacks on the integrity of National Parks in NSW. This inquiry has been set up to deliberately further undermine their future.

More information on Cate's site

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