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Friday, 31 August 2012

Lot 490 rubber stamped by Planning Assessment Commission

Media Release - 29 August 2012

The State's developer friendly Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) has rubber stamped the development at Lot 490 on the Tweed Coast, to the
outrage of locals and environmentalists.

Greens MP and Planning spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

"The approval on Lot 490 is a squandered opportunity by the State
government to protect some of the last remaining coastal vegetation in
the region.

"When I visited the site earlier this year, it was clear that the site
had immense ecological value.  Over 60 species of native vegetation have
been recorded in the area and it provides crucial habitat for many
native species including endangered Glossy Black Cockatoos.

"This decision by the PAC is part of an ongoing pattern that sees this
body approving the overwhelming majority of developments that come
before it.

"The PAC's approval rate is a staggering 94 per cent and it agrees with
the government's planning bureaucrats in more than 96 per cent of cases.
 No wonder the community feels locked out of planning decisions under
this government.

"Minor amendments made by the PAC in its approval may look like a
concession but do little more than pull back some of the most
extravagant parts of the developer's proposal.

"This development will have a disastrous impact on not only the
immediate site, but it will also cut straight across a rare wildlife
corridor linking the coast and the Tweed hinterland.

"This decision highlights exactly why a truly independent and community
focussed state planning body must urgently be implemented in NSW" Mr
Shoebridge said.


After analysing 461 major project planning decisions, including 127
decisions by the Planning Assessment Commission, that have been made
since the O’Farrell government came into office in 2011 the following
facts emerge:
In 97.6 per cent of cases major projects are approved by the O’Farrell
The PAC agrees with the assessment of the planning bureaucrats in 96
per cent of cases;
The PAC approves 94 per cent of all development matters it considers;
The PAC has approved every single application for a new or expanded
mine or coal seam gas project that it has considered.
Media contact: Mark Riboldi 0433 753 376

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