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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Kempsey Shire Council Minutes 18 October 2011- discussion of pollution of Macleay River

NOM2 Macleay River Compliance Audit Program
File: 350 {Folio No. 459522}

RESOLVED: Moved: Cl. Bowell Seconded: Cl. Sproule 

  1. 1  That the Office of Environment & Heritage undertake a review of the March 2001 report and analysis of the Catchment of the Heavy Metals Loading of Streams in the Macleay River catchment. 

  2. 2  That Council write to the Premiers Department to support the reinstatement of the Macleay Contamination Working Group and that Council be invited to be represented on this group.
I intend to move the following Motion at the Ordinary meeting to be held Tuesday 

Kempsey Shire Council FULL TEXT Minutes Ordinary Meeting 18 October 2011 Page

18 October 2011: 

That the Office of Environment & Heritage undertake a Compliance Audit Program within the Macleay River in respect to arsenic, antimony and heavy metals. 

Environmental, Policy or Statutory:
A Compliance Audit Program would
determine the nature and extent of any pollution of the Macleay River. 

Social: The Macleay River is the source of many activities which impact on the community. 

Economic (Financial): The cost of the program should be the responsibility of the Department of Environment and Heritage. 


On 30 August 2011 Council was advised through NSW Office of Environment and Heritage there had been a “release” of material from a sediment erosion control dam. The material contained traces of metals, arsenic, antimony, copper and zinc. 

Due to contaminants in the Macleay River, a Water Treatment Plant was installed at Bellbrook with a grant of $701,817 from the Federal Government. 

Prior to the installation, the total cost of carting water over a five year period (2005-2010) was $716,596. Council received $245,920 in subsidy via grant funding. The net cost amounted to $470,676. 

These procedures addressed the problem at Bellbrook only. 

There have been fish kills reported in Georges Creek and the upper reaches of the Macleay River with the cause unknown. 

The District Management Emergency Officer (through to Office of Environment & Heritage) had advised that there had been no breach of the licence (issued to the mine) in regards to this matter. 

The question is raised as to whether the licence provides for the release of materials.
Recent media articles refer to:
proposed legislation requiring companies to report chemical leaks and spills; and
a study by the Total Environment Centre which disclosed dozens of breaches, including many that had gone unreported, and that the current
system of monitoring was “dysfunctional”.

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