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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Infrastructure NSW should be disbanded after Transport boss quits - Greens

Greens MP and transport spokesperson Cate Faehrmann has accused
Infrastructure NSW of being a front for private sector interests and is
calling on the Premier to disband the body after news the director-general
of Transport NSW has quit.

See story here:

“Premier O’Farrell said he established Infrastructure NSW because he wanted
to take the politics out of infrastructure delivery in NSW. What he’s done
is replace politics with profiteering - an even worse outcome for the
people of NSW,” said Ms Faehrmann.

“What has become increasingly clear is that Infrastructure NSW has been set
up so that the private sector can gain as much access to government
infrastructure contracts as possible. This is an outrage.

“Infrastructure NSW is nothing more than a front group for the private
sector construction industry.

“With five members of the board being from the private-sector and none from
the community, you can be guaranteed the yet-to-be-released infrastructure
plan will only deliver dividends for their shareholders and not the wider

“If Premier O’Farrell allows himself to be guided by the selfish interests
of Infrastructure NSW, Sydney will become even more congested and even more
expensive for people to get from A to B.

“This should send alarm bells ringing through the government. The Premier
must reassure the community that their interests come first and disband
Infrastructure NSW,” said Ms Faehrmann.

*More information: Cate Faehrmann 0412 207 043*

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