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Friday, 3 August 2012

Fresh thinking, not fear mongering, required for juven


With NSW gaoling its young people at almost four times the rate of Victoria
the State needs a fresh approach to juvenile justice.  Every day a juvenile
is in gaol costs taxpayers over $650 and tends to produce better criminals
not better citizens.

See the story in the media here

Greens NSW MP and Justice spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

"NSW gaols its young people at almost four times the rate of Victoria and
half of the young people NSW locks up are Aboriginal.  That's a failing

"Gaol should be the last option for juvenile offenders when they are
brought before the Children's Court.

"Clearly, for serious or repeat offenders, gaol must remain a viable option
for magistrates but it needs to be kept as the last resort for young

“Last year an average of 391 young people were held each day in NSW gaols.
 This is an annual cost to the budget of more than $93 million.

“Government projections revealed to the Greens confirm that the number of
juveniles in detention is expected to rise to 411 a day by 2013. This will
see the costs of gaoling young people rise to almost $100 million by next

"International research shows that family-focused programs delivered in the
community are the most effective way of reducing offending by children.

"Diversion and support programs that work better than gaol in reducing
recidivism include education, mentoring and programs targeting specific
problems and groups, such as substance misuse, Aboriginal citizens and

“There are real social and financial benefits to be had from reallocating
the money spent locking up young people to focus on crime prevention and
addressing the causes of crime amongst juveniles.

"It's easy to run a scare campaign over youth crime, it is far more
difficult but productive to come up with solutions.  Solutions, not fear,
should be driving this State's political leaders,” Mr Shoebridge said.

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