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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Government excludes local government from key reviews

The NSW government has moved to exclude local councils from making submissions to two key reviews, on the planning system and the future of
local government, by requiring submissions to be provided by 14 September 2012, just six days after state wide council elections.  The Greens are
calling for both dates to be extended by a further two months.

The Greens NSW Local Government spokesperson David Shoebridge said,

"It is just remarkable that the government has set the deadline for
submissions on both the planning and the local government review at 14
September 2012, just six days after council elections.

"With councils going into caretaker mode in early August, and most newly
elected councils not meeting until at least a week after the elections,
this deadline excludes almost every council from making a submission on the
these two critical reviews.

"For the local government minister, in particular, to set this deadline for
submissions on the local government review shows either complete ignorance
of the election date or a real indifference to the views of local
government.  Either option is disturbing.

"The government needs to wake up and recognise reality that with
submissions due on 14 September 2012, no council in the state will be able
to seriously comply.

"If the government is serious on consultation then the date for submissions
must be extended by a further two months to allow newly elected councillors
to have a say on the future of local government and planning in this State.

"If the government fails to act it will be confirmation of their utter
contempt for local government and its role in NSW," Mr Shoebridge said.

*Media Release, 24 July 2012

*Media contact: **Mark Riboldi 9230 3030 | 0433 753 376

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