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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Commit funds to NDIS Now!

The NSW Greens spokesperson for Disability Services, the Hon. Jan
Barham is calling on the Premier and the State Government to commit the
necessary funding to enable the full implementation of a trial in New
South Wales of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The call comes after the Prime Minister announced on Wednesday that an
agreement to implement trials of the scheme had been reached with
Tasmania, South Australia and the A.C.T but that the NSW State
Government had failed to commit the funds necessary to implement the
trial proposed for the Hunter region.

"The NSW Government should not be playing politics with some of the
state's most vulnerable people" said Jan Barham. "The NDIS trial is
essential for NSW to identify the practical issues for implementation".

"The NDIS is a ground breaking process for people with disabilities
that will provide self determination and dignity for those people and
their families"

The proposed trial in NSW would have meant that 10,000 individuals in
the Hunter region would have been involved and benefited. But its
implementation would require the NSW government to provide $70million in
funding over three years – money that Premier Barry O'Farrell says
should be coming from the Commonwealth government. Jan Barham says the
NDIS should be a top priority and the money should be allocated.

"It's a great disappointment that the prioritising of funds for this
important project are not being made available" said Jan Barham. "NSW
will suffer if there isn't a trial and people with disabilities are
right to be disappointed. The recognition of the rights of people with a
disability is long overdue and by not progressing the NDIS, this
disadvantage is continuing rather than being resolved."

"Both the State and Commonwealth Governments have indicated a
willingness to keep negotiating and I strongly encourage them to do so
in a spirit of cooperation and good will to secure an improved living
standard for people with a disability in NSW because every Australian

·         NDIS Website: www.everyauthraliancounts.com.au

·         Productivity Commission Report into Disability Care and
Support (August 10th 2011):

·         Jan's Speeches in Parliament on the NDIS:
(1)   August 23rd 2011 :

(2)   May 3rd 2012:

For Further Comment, please contact Jan Barham directly on 0407 065

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