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Friday, 15 June 2012

Sham WorkCover committee ignores workers' rights

Media Release - 13 June 2012

The report into the NSW workers compensation scheme released today is a flawed product not reflecting the real issues with the scheme in NSW, according to Greens NSW Industrial Relations spokesperson David

"The O'Farrell government set up a hatchet committee to take the axe to
workers' rights in NSW, and that's exactly what has been delivered," Mr
Shoebridge said.

"The outcome of this flawed report by a sham committee will see injured
workers pushed into poverty, with lump sums slashed, ongoing payments
stopped after 2.5 years and compensation for injuries suffered when
travelling to and from work.

"Journey claims are a key entitlement for workers, yet they represent
less than six per cent of all claims made through the scheme – cutting
them makes no sense.

"$1.6 billion of the scheme's deficit comes from ballooning payments to
private insurers, not payments to injured workers.

"Since 1997 fees paid to private insurers to manage workers
compensation claims have grown five times faster than both inflation and
money paid to benefit injured workers, eroding the schemes financial

"Contrary to the Premier's rhetoric, NSW does not have a generous
workers compensation scheme, particularly since it was cut to the bone
by Labor in 2001.

"These WorkCover reforms will continue to deliver record profits for
private insurers, while pushing the families of many injured workers
into poverty," Mr Shoebridge said.

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The Committee Report:

The Greens NSW submission to the enquiry:

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