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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Schools experiment based on faulty data

Media release: 19 June 2012

NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli is relying on a biased and incomplete
analysis of the trial of school devolution to support his Local Schools
Local Decisions program, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

('Schools in trial show decline in enrolments', Sydney Morning Herald, 19
June 2012, page 3, http://j.mp/Mj4PxV)

Dr Kaye said: "The O'Farrell government is conducting a dangerous
experiment on the state's public schools with no evidence that it will work.

"Handing over 70 percent of the budget to the principal will inevitably
lead to funding cuts and increasing numbers of casual teachers.

NSW Teachers Federation Leaflet
"Analysis of the results of the trial set up by the Labor government failed
to highlight the fall in enrolments at almost half of the schools involved.
It did not explain the replacement of an average of 3.6 permanent teachers
at each school with casuals.

"The trial schools were provided with additional funds which cushioned many
of the adverse impacts of the scheme.

"The raw results raise serious alarm about the future of public education
under the O'Farrell government's scheme.

"NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has failed to produce any proof that
this scheme will improve educational outcomes.

"He has not responded to the evidence that Local Schools Local Decisions
will replace permanent teachers with casuals, denying students the
continuity of a single teacher for a year.

"As the Minister calls for improvements in teacher training to attract more
qualified students, he is simultaneously undermining employment security
and salaries.

"While better coordination between universities and the Department of
Education would improve the match between courses and the needs of schools,
the O'Farrell government is actively discouraging motivated young people
from joining the profession.

"Local Schools Local Decisions will undermine employment security and
restrict career development opportunities.

"On top of the 2.5 percent wage freeze, the O'Farrell government has done
much to damage the attractiveness of teaching as choice of a profession,"
Dr Kaye said.

For more information: John Kaye 0407 195 455

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