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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Private arsenals of up to 329 guns - and no action from O’Farrell

Date: Sat, 2 Jun2, 2012

Figures released today show that thousands of NSW shooters have large private arsenals with one shooter owning 329 firearms and 36,015 shooters have more than 6 guns at their home.  These private arsenals are legal in NSW and the O’Farrell government refuses to acknowledge they are
 attracting increased guns thefts by criminals.

See today’s SMH

NSW Greens MP and firearms spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“At present there is no legal cap on the number of guns people can own in
NSW and this has led shooters to collect enormous numbers of firearms.

“Over 36,000 shooters have 6 or more registered firearms at their home in a
clear sign that NSW is adopting a dangerous gun culture after years of
concessions being made to the pro-gun and pro-hunting lobby in NSW.

“A further 34,274 Shooters own 4 or 5 five firearms at home.

“With 640 of these registered firearms stolen just last year, it is clear
that the large numbers of weapons found in the average shooter’s home is a
growing attraction to criminals.

“The simple fact is, the more guns there are in society the more likelihood
there is of gun crime and violence.

“The O’Farrell government is now a captive of the fringe Shooters Party in
NSW and refuses even to admit that the thousands of private arsenals across
the State are an issue.

“Mr “O’Farrell has been wringing his hands about the wave of gun violence
in Sydney, but that amounts to nothing if he will not tackle the number of
guns in circulation under the State’s firearm laws.

“That attitude of the Shooters Party is that people have the right to as
many guns as they like, regardless of the impact on public safety and the
number of guns this feeds to criminals.

“Barry O’Farrell needs to act to place a reasonable limitation on the
number of guns any one household can own.

“Until new restrictions are brought in, the number of guns will continue to
grow together with the inevitable flow of once-legal weapons into the hands
of criminals,”  Mr Shoebridge said.

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