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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

O'Farrell's retrospective compo cuts deliver for private insurers at expense of injured workers

Media Release - 19 June 2012

Retrospective legislation to be rushed through NSW Parliament this week
will see private insurers rewarded for price gouging, at the expense of
injured workers, according to Greens NSW Industrial Relations
Spokesperson David Shoebridge.

"This legislation will be retrospective, taking away working people's
rights from the moment it is introduced in parliament," Mr Shoebridge

"This retrospectivity wasn't even recommended by the rushed hatchet
committee set up by the government.

"Among all the changes proposed to WorkCover, Mr O'Farrell has done
nothing to contain the sky-rocketing fees paid to private insurers to
manage claims, one of the real reasons that the scheme is in the red.

"People who are injured at work deserve better than the raw deal they
are getting from the O'Farrell government.

"The removal of protection when workers are travelling to and from work
represents a major assault on the rights of people in NSW.

"This legislation is an appalling step backwards – punishing injured
workers because of mismanagement by successive governments and profit
gouging by private insurers.

"Making the changes to WorkCover retrospective is an additional dirty
move by the O'Farrell government.

"If this becomes law injured workers will be many thousands of dollars
worse off, which will see many forced into poverty," Mr Shoebridge said.

Media contact: Mark Riboldi for David Shoebridge – 9230 3030 | 0433 753

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