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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Media Release - 30 May 2012

In a blatant deal with the Shooters Party in the NSW Upper House, the O'Farrell government has moved to massively expand the amount of public land available to amateur recreational hunting in a move that sees NSW adopting an unwanted pro-gun culture, according to Greens NSW Firearms spokesperson David Shoebridge.

"This is a shameless capitulation to the Shooters Party and the pro-gun and hunting lobby in NSW, which the majority of NSW residents will be sickened by.

"Feral animal control should be done professionally and humanely, not by a bunch of amateurs who have a vested interest in maintaining feral animal numbers to fuel their blood sports.

"Amateur hunting has been a failed experiment in our state forests with the numbers of wild dogs rising and continued reports of shooters actively seeding public land with feral animals for next year's hunt.

"This is now a decade long pattern in NSW politics of the government of the day buying off the gun lobby by weakening our firearms laws and letting loose hunters across the state.

"There are already more than 2 million hectares of public land available for amateur hunting, but still Barry O'Farrell has given the Shooters Party more.

"Nobody voted in Barry O'Farrell to deliver a gun culture in NSW and his supporters must be sickened by these latest moves," Mr Shoebridge said.

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