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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Consumer safety lags behind in a confused federal system

Dermatitis 23 days after wearing the shoes containing dimethyl fumarate.
Fairfax Australia
DMF: Dermatitis 23 days after wearing the shoes containing dimethyl fumarate.

Three years after the toxic chemical dimethyl fumarate was banned from use in consumer goods in the European Union, it is still being found in shoes in Australia. Greens NSW MP John Kaye called on state and federal consumer affairs ministers to cut through their divided responsibilities and immediately ban the dangerous chemical.

('Toxic chemical found in school shoes', Sun Herald, 20 May 2012,

Dr Kaye said: "If it's dangerous in Europe it is equally going to cause
skin burns in Australia.

"Rather than waiting round until more kids present with blistering caused
by the anti-mould agent, the nation's consumer affairs ministers should ask
the ACCC to immediately follow the EU and ban its use.

"It's time for ministers like NSW's Anthony Roberts to cut through the
divided responsibilities under the National Consumer laws and take the lead
on protecting health and safety.

"Products containing dimethyl fumarate or packaged with the chemical were
banned from sale in the European Union from 1 May 2009. Its use in goods
manufactured in Europe was outlawed in 1998.

"The EU regulator acted quickly after the 'poisoned sofa' incident.

"It is an extraordinary indictment of the failure of consumer safety
protection in NSW and Australia that kids are still having their feet burnt
by this known cause of severe allergic reactions," Dr Kaye said.

For more information: John Kaye 0407 195 455

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