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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Children as young as 12 allowed to hunt unsupervised under government plan

The NSW government, with the pro-hunting NSW Game Council, has released a proposal to allow children as young as twelve to hunt unsupervised using weapons such as bows and arrows, pig dogs and bowie knives, a clear sign the O'Farrell government is capitulating to demands of the Shooters Party according to Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge:

See SMH:

"This proposal will see kids as young as twelve arrive home from school, hang up their school bag, pick up their bowie knife, and head off with their mates and a pack of pig dogs to hunt and stab wild animals to death," Mr Shoebridge said.

"No one in their right mind wants to see children out by themselves stabbing animals to death after school and on the weekends.

"The fact that the government requires children's parents to indemnify the
state for loss proves that it knows, right from the start, that this is a
dangerous and reckless proposal.

"The government is promoting this practice on public land, they are
proposing it happen in State Forests across the State.

"This is dangerous to the children, cruel to the animals involved, and
indifferent to the other users of public land.

"This government is under fierce pressure to deliver for the Shooters Party
in order to secure key votes in unrelated legislation in the NSW Upper

"The two Shooters Party MPs are both former chairperson's on the NSW Game
Council who are promoting this change.

"This proposal is out for public submissions and people across NSW need to
let the government know it is just not on.

"Barry O'Farrell needs to account for why his government is promoting
children as young as twelve engaging in blood sports with pig dogs, bows
and arrows, and hunting knives," Mr Shoebridge said.

*Media contact: David Shoebridge 0408 113 952

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  1. If more people would give there kids this opportunity after school, there would be a far few amount of the youth abusing drugs and doing things that really are harmful and are just stupid. To sit and say that all this youth with hunting weapons is wrong is ignorant, problem is, "you people" will never understand because you are so close minded. Im sorry you see the world from such a dark and sheltered angle. The youth that are allowed to have these opportunity's will one day be the adults that lead the followers "you people" to a better today.



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