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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Cash for Containers in NSW

Cash For Containers in NSW

Did you know that Australia sends about 6 billion beverage containers to landfill every year?
Drinks containers also make up a whopping 32% of the total volume of litter found in our parks, rivers, beaches and roadsides – where it is an eyesore and a peril for wildlife. In South Australia, their long-standing container deposit scheme has reduced that to just 4%.

Help reduce waste in NSW by signing up to support the Cash For Containers campaign below. 
I’m joining forces with independent MP Clover Moore to bring to Parliament a bill to establish a container deposit scheme in NSW. The scheme will refund consumers 10 cents for beverage containers they return to a collection depot or reverse vending machine. You can download a briefing about the bill here.

Such a scheme will increase recycling rates in NSW, helping to recover valuable materials and divert waste from the litter stream and landfill. NSW has a goal of increasing its municipal waste recycling rates to 66% and current strategies are only reaching 44%.

Internationally, deposit/refund systems are the most effective mechanism for achieving high container recovery rates.  Container deposit schemes exist in some states in the USA and Canada, and in Sweden, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. The average rate of recycling is 80% and as high as 95% in some countries.

The South Australian scheme has been in place for 30 years and is achieving more than 80% recycling rates. The Northern Territory has also just introduced a scheme. A Newspoll taken in 2007 revealed 82% of Australians surveyed are in favour of container deposit legislation.

It is well and truly time for NSW to step up and take real action to reduce pollution with a container deposit scheme of its own. Email the Premier below and tell him it’s time NSW had  

Want to be more involved in the Cash for Containers campaign? Get active with these materials.
Download a hard copy petition form here for use in your local community.

Download a copy of a briefing about the bill here.

For a high resolution PDF of the briefing, please email peter.stahel@parliament.nsw.gov.au 

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