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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

O’Farrell’s anti-bikie and consorting laws – GET THE FACTS


New ‘anti-bikie’ and criminal consorting laws introduced by the O’Farrell government are unlikely to have any meaningful impact on organised crime, and will instead misdirect police resources from real crimes, like murder and extortion, towards criminalising people who are simply meeting.

These represent fundamental attacks on our civil liberties, with the potential to criminalise organisations like Lock the Gate and prisoner advocacy groups (e.g. Justice Action).
We have produced the following fact sheets on two key parts of the legislation to help people get their heads around the new laws and the effects they are going to have. Click on one of the thumbnails below to download one of the two fact sheets.


The Greens will continue to oppose ill-conceived and ineffective legislation that is introduced by a government which is addicted to the Law & Order Auction and desperate to create the impression that they are doing something.
We will also continue to highlight the unacceptable impacts these types of laws can have on our civil liberties, especially for those who are trying to start new lives after serving prison terms.

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