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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Greens NSW pay tribute to Bob Brown and congratulate Christine Milne Statement

13 April 2012

The Greens NSW today paid tribute to the career of retiring Australian
Greens parliamentary leader Bob Brown and congratulated new
Parliamentary leader Christine Milne.

Senator Brown has had an extraordinary career which will leave a
long-standing legacy on the Australian political landscape.

From saving the Franklin River, to standing up for human rights, to
bringing the needs of the natural world right to the heart of Canberra,
Bob's public career has been of immense value to Australia.

Under Senator Brown's leadership, the Australian Greens have grown to
be the legitimate third force in Australian Federal politics.  During
that time the Greens have gained representation at the local, state and
federal government level across Australia.

His successor, Senator Christine Milne, has played a key role in the
development of the Australian Greens, particularly in the current
minority government.

The Greens NSW look forward to working with Senator Milne on building
the Greens as a political party and social movement over the coming

Jan Barham MLC
Jeremy Buckingham MLC
Cate Faehrmann MLC
John Kaye MLC
Jamie Parker, Member for Balmain
Lee Rhiannon, NSW Senator
David Shoebridge, MLC

Media contact:
Mark Riboldi for David Shoebridge - 0433 753 376
Peter Stahel for Cate Faehrmann – 0433 005 727
Max Phillips for Jeremy Buckingham – 0419 444 916

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