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Monday, 12 March 2012

Local mining news links

Link to ABC's 7.30 program: Quentin Dempster interviews Jeremy Buckingham, Greens MP and Liberal Planning Minister Brad Hazzard. Jeremy Buckingham accuses the Liberal/National coalition government of breaking its election promise to quarantine high value areas, especially farms, from mining.

Discussion over draft CSG plan

Link to ABC story  on the NSW state governments broken promise to protect high value areas of land from mining. 

Gateway plan panned by local environmentalists

Link to NBN news story 

Mining fears escalate in Dorrigo

What protection exists for the unique environment of the Dorrigo Plateau where mining combined with a high rainfall has the potential to pollute the water supply of coastal residents from Sawtell to Yamba? Will UNESCO be invited back to Australia to consider threats to the nearby World Heritage listed Dorrigo National Park? A UNESCO delegation has just visited Australia to consider the threats from mining to the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. Would not UNESCO be just as concerned with threats to the unique Dorrigo National Park?

The current mining exploration leases on the Dorrigo Plateau are listed on the site of Dorrigo Environment Watch.

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