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Friday, 30 March 2012

Greens announce bill for mandatory seat belts on school buses in NSW

School bus crash in Maclean: Grafton's Daily Examiner

Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 11:20:24 +1100

Greens MP and transport spokesperson Cate Faehrmann has announced the
Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment (Child
Safety on School Buses) Bill 2012.

Courtesy Daily Examiner
The bill will amend the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management)
Act 1999 to mandate that buses be fitted with seatbelts and make further
provisions with respect to the safety of children travelling on school
buses. The initial target of a phase in period will be the most
dangerous routes that include unsealed roads and roads or highways 80
kpm or over.

The bill comes after two school bus crashes in the month of March, with
yesterday's crash at Maclean resulting in eight injuries including one

"The Greens bill is a wake-up call for the NSW Government and a chance
to take some urgent action. All states except NSW and Victoria have made
seatbelts on school buses mandatory - usually after a serious bus
accident. It's inexcusable that the NSW government is still refusing to
act," said Ms Faehrmann.

"It's been a year since the School Bus Safety Advisory Committee was
established. What has it achieved so far? The government has had access
to the list of the most dangerous routes for years; it's not good enough
that we're still waiting for recommendations from yet another

"The slow rate of progress with the committee does nothing to inspire
confidence in parents – they want seat belts and better rules on
speed, standing and other concrete measures to improve safety for their

"The Greens will welcome the committee's recommendations but this very
slow process can't be used to justify delaying action that is
inevitable. It's simply taken way too long. It's time to fast track the
installation of seat belts and the Greens bill will provide that
opportunity," said Ms Faehrmann.

Media contact: Peter Stahel 0433 005 727

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