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Friday, 30 March 2012

Coffs Harbour Area Transport Workshop - Cate Faehrmann

If you would like to see Coffs Harbour and surrounds with an efficient and sustainable transport system that will serve our needs for the next 25 years then you will want to attend a workshop that Cate has organised.



NSW Greens' Workshop on Sustainable Transport Planning
Coffs Harbour Neighbourhood Centre
22 Earl St 1.00 to 3.00 pm April 16

Initiated and attended by Cate Faehrmann MP

Discussion leading to support for individual submissions to the NSW government, details below.

A Transport Master Plan
Community Workshops
The NSW government will be releasing a draft Transport Master Plan in June this year with its vision for transport for NSW for the next 20 years. Members of the community are being consulted as part of that process.
The Greens want to ensure that the community is consulted in depth to tease out the real issues for future transport needs and that any 20 year transport vision for NSW is sustainable.
Cate will be conducting a series of transport forums around NSW to ensure that a broad audience is consulted and that the real transport problems in local areas are considered.
To get involved or to help organise a workshop in your area
contact Gail Broadbent in Cate’s office gail.broadbent@parliament.nsw.gov.au
Office of Cate Faehrmann MLC
Email: cate.faehrmann@parliament.nsw.gov.au Phone: 02 9230 2320

NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan - a new approach to transport planning

A Plan for all of NSW
The NSW Government is undertaking an inclusive approach to transport planning that will involve unprecedented collaboration with those whose livelihood depends on the quality of the transport network – customers.
An extensive consultation process will aim to involve the whole state in the creation of a NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan.

The new integrated authority, Transport for NSW, will encourage everyone to have their say and be a part of a long term solution for public transport in NSW.

The plan will identify a clear direction for transport over the next 20 years, building on current commitments which are underpinned by a record $13.1 billion investment in roads and transport in the 2011-12 budget.

The plan will identify the role of each transport mode in meeting future needs including rail, road, buses, ferries, cycling, and walking. The plan will also help develop a freight network that maximises the benefits to the economy.

You can be a part of this fresh approach and anyone interested in improving transport in NSW is encouraged to participate. Whether you are a commuter or a truck driver, an industry representative, a business person or part of local government - your input is vital.

NSW faces many challenges, such as population growth, increasing housing supply and the need to create more jobs. This growth places pressure on the transport system and that means NSW must plan for the future now.

Over the next 12 months, Transport for NSW will engage directly with customers, communities, government, industry, transport specialists and operators through advisory groups that will be established to provide input to the Long Term Transport Master Plan.

Transport for NSW will also hold community forums around NSW to ensure the views of stakeholders in rural and regional areas, and in Sydney, are heard.

There will be other opportunities to provide feedback - through this website and via the formal submissions process.

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  1. Let's hope we have some representation from Grafton, an important transport neighbour of Coffs Harbour.



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