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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Shooting and Trucks Don’t Mix

17 November 2011
Greens candidate for the Clarence by-election, Janet Cavanaugh, today was joined by Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge in calling for safer highways while inspecting the new section of motorway through Glenugie State Forest, an area that the government is proposing to keep open for recreational hunting for the next decade.
Ms Cavanaugh said: “As a regular highway user I continue to be dismayed by the delays in making the highway a dual carriageway.
“However, this proposal to allow recreational hunting in the forest on both sides of the highway raises another fear with motorists at risk from hunters’ bullets.
“I question the new sign for Glenugie State Forest declaring that ‘Your forests are in safe hands’.  80 hectares of forest has been lost to construct this 7km road.
“Glenugie State Forest is one of 39 state forests which are being proposed to be kept open for recreational hunting for the next 10 years.
“This is effectively turning our state forests into Game Reserves to the exclusion of other users and causing a risk to highway traffic through the use of high-powered rifles,” Ms Cavanaugh said.
Janet and David at Glenugie State Forest
Mr Shoebridge said: “The Minister is supposed to give consideration to issues such as public safety, other users of state forests, and also whether recreational hunting is actually the most humane and effective form of feral animal control.
“However the current proposal lacks even basic details on how the public can be heard on this proposal.  In recent hunting declarations the only voice the government has listened to is the pro-hunting Game Council.
“How can the Minister give proper consideration to the local needs, including safety issues, via a mass declaration with no proper consultation process?
Feral animal control is a serious issue, for landowners, the agricultural industry and the environment. But it should not be done by done by amateur hunters, who have an ongoing interest in maintaining feral animal populations on public land, in order to have game to hunt next season.
“The Government must review the process for declaring public land open for hunting and prohibit hunting in forests adjoining public roads,” Mr Shoebridge said.


Contact: Janet Cavanaugh         0429 479 968
David Shoebridge                          0408 113 952

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