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Monday, 7 November 2011

Nationals and Liberals pass the education buck

If Chris Gulaptis is elected he will join a coalition government which is promising to turn teachers and principals into bureaucrats instead of allowing them to to concentrate on teaching your children and school improvement. Guess who will be blamed for a decline of our enviable education standards. It is time for teachers to vote for a party that really supports teachers and public education.

"I've been a teacher for 38 years. I retire next year. I never believed I would see the day any State Government, be it Labor or conservative, would stoop to a level so low that they would hold their teachers to ransom rather than negotiate a new award which would allow wages to keep pace with inflation.

From January 1, 2012, public school teachers' salaries will be reduced annually unless they agree to measures that would relieve the government of the responsibility to fully fund the learning conditions of pupils in public schools.

Incidentally, there are no such conditions placed on teachers in private schools

What the latest O'Farrell legislation amounts to is asking the state's teachers, those who deliver the service, to finance the very service they are providing.

What the O'Farrell Government, of which local member Andrew Fraser is a member, is clearly doing is attempting to run down public education, the only education open to those most in need.

One in two people with children in public schools must have actually voted for Mr Fraser in the last election never having been told this was his agenda.

The O'Farrell Government is masking its deceit, attempting to hide this abrogation of responsibility by cloaking it in terms of what they call local autonomy.

By kidding parents that giving local school communities the choice to run their public schools the way they want, the government is slyly absolving itself of the responsibility to run our public schools the way they should be run.
This local autonomy push is a great "con" perpetrated by politicised bureaucrats and those who would be.
Don't fall for it mums and dads; it is yet another case of a national asset being flogged off or driven into the ground in the name of privatisation, but this time it will directly affect your kids.
Please see through the spin, join with teachers and resist.

Dick McDermott"

Letters, Coffs Coast Advocate, 5/11/11

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