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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Lock the Gate urges Clarence to vote Greens in by-election

Date: 14-Nov-11
Author: Drew Hutton

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Janet Cavanaugh in front of her Casino shopfront
The Lock the Gate Alliance has urged voters in the Clarence by-election to give their first preference to Greens candidate Janet Cavanaugh because of her strong stand on coal seam gas.

Lock the Gate Alliance president Drew Hutton said his organisation had no political affiliation but would recommend a vote based on candidates' record on coal and coal seam gas.

Mr Hutton said he had studied the records of all eight candidates and was pleased that one of the independents and the Labor candidate had supported a moratorium on coal seam gas until all social and environmental issues had been addressed.

However, Ms Cavanaugh's strong advocacy on this issue over a long period made her the best candidate for voters to express their opposition to coal seam gas moving into their region.

The New South Wales Greens had also done a great deal to keep this industry under control, especially through the work of mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham.

"The people of Clarence have companies like Metgasco, Red Sky and Arrow looking to cover much of the region with gas wells, pipelines and other infrastructure turning this beautiful region into a bleak industrial zone," Mr Hutton said.

"The tourism and agricultural industries will be at risk and underground water will be threatened.
"Coal seam gas is the biggest issue facing the voters of Clarence and the best way to send a clear message to Premier Barry O'Farrell that it is not wanted here is to give a vote to the Greens."

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