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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Letter to the editor: Daily Examiner with voting advice

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On November 19, the voters of the Clarence electorate will have to go back to the polls, not long after the last state election, because their elected local member had to fall on his own sword after getting caught out doing something very inappropriate. After a fairly short selection process, the National Party was able to find a National Party candidate who could both read and write, so they selected him as their nominee.

Now, if you want someone to represent the Clarence Valley in NSW Parliament, who likes to do photo opportunities and sound bites for the media, then this might seem like a suitable representative for you. You know, like standing outside Grafton Hospital while your photo is being taken, is doing something about local health, or standing next to the Pacific Highway while the press takes your photo is doing something to improve local roads, or standing outside Maclean High School for another photo-op to garner red neck votes over the bat issue. You get the idea? The usual National Party fare to gather the country bumpkin, or local red neck votes.

However, if you want someone to represent the whole of the Clarence Valley and its diverse needs, you should consider casting your vote more wisely this time. If you want someone who will stand up for local interests in NSW Parliament, and fight tooth and nail to represent us, and not big business, then cast your vote for the Greens. Recent history has shown that independents such as local Greens candidates are able to get much more for their electorates than party hacks can.

Your previous National Party representative tried to assume as low a profile as he could in the O'Farrell Government. Hardly likely to bring much benefit to the Clarence Valley, or protect the local environment and local jobs from greedy big businesses or O'Farrell Government razor gangs.

The National Party has failed to stand up to the Liberal Party when it came to the best interests of their electorate time and time again. When the Liberal Party says jump, the National Party says how high, please sir. You are starting to hear all about coal seam gas extraction, fracking and the like, and how much damage it can do to the environment, farmland, damage to the Great Artesian Basin and underground water supplies. Then there is the likelihood of an antimony mine being opened up in the catchment of the Nymboida River - your water supply. If this gets polluted it will be for hundreds of years.

Don't expect a Liberal/National party government to do anything to stop these, other than making lip service statements. They are deeply in the pocket of big business and vested interests, and everyone with two eyes and tolerable hearing knows it.

They can hardly wait to sell off the rest of the State electrical generation system, completing the job started by the Labor Party. If you think your electricity bills are high, wait until big business owns it all and the only thing that matters is keeping the stock holders happy. Screw the customers and the staff. They don't matter (and this has nothing to do with a carbon tax despite all the misinformation and deliberate lies being put out by the Liberal/National parties).

So, if you want to save your bacon, so to speak, you have one clear choice, vote green. Janet Cavanaugh is your local Greens candidate. She is well educated, intelligent and motivated to look after the local environment and local jobs; she already has a great track record in those areas. Already there are reports of government jobs being lost from the Clarence Valley, plus loss of services that are already poor enough.

Police, nurses, teachers, etc., will be leaving the NSW public service in droves soon because of O'Farrell Government policies. Stop the rot - cast your vote wisely. If you don't and get what is coming to you from that choice, then don't whinge about it afterwards. You had your chance and blew it.

M Casey

Source: Letters, The Daily Examiner, 16/11/11

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