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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Letter to the Editor: Antimony mining is unsuitable in a cloudfall zone

"With a State by-election on Saturday the 19th, voters might consider the toxic matter of an open cut Antimony mine in the headwaters of the magnificent Clarence River system.

Antimony is in increasing demand for modern electronics. Antimony is an aid to this letter. That said, Antimony as an element is rated on a par with arsenic. If the matter of open cut gouging is not worrying enough, the Dorrigo Plateau  has one of the highest rainfalls in the state. Control of run-off in flood events is impossible, Antimony mining is unsuitable in a cloudfall zone.
Lower Creek residents at Bellbrook Bridge. Their river was poisoned. (Published Macleay Argus September 27, 2011)

There is a parallel in Kempsey's Macleay system. Winding 300 kilometres upstream is a currently disused Antimony mine, mostly pits, slightly safer than the open cut method. "The Macleay River Estuary Processes Study " estimates that Antimony contamination of the Macleay system is 80-90% due to mine leakage. It says, "The time frame of contamination in the Macleay River system will continue for the foreseeable future with time frames of at least hundreds to thousands of years."

Transfer this information and apply it to the Clarence system and you fore-see disaster. What does it mean? People along the Macleay system have been told not to pump the water. Soft advice for don't drink it. The State Environment Minister Robyn Parker said it was "standard advice and remained in force at all times." (SMH 22-10-11) For "hundreds to thousands of years" perhaps?

I urge voters to consider the candidate who is against this proposal.

Warren Tindall.

Editor's note: The only candidate who is campaigning for a complete ban on an antimony mine in this unsuitable area is the Greens Janet Cavanaugh.

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