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Monday, 14 November 2011

Janet opposes privatisation of Grafton Jail

Janet Cavanaugh has come out strongly in opposition to any proposal to privatise the jail.

"The Greens have opposed privatisation of the jail system under Labor and will continue to do so under the Liberal Government," Ms Cavanaugh said. "The Greens believe that introducing the profit motive into the prisons system is not in the interests of prison officers, prisoners or the rest of the community.

"Convicted criminals are removed from society to protect public safety, deter others and to be rehabilitated, not to be fodder for corporate profit. The government has an obligation to run the prisons system in the best  interests of society. Making corporate profits from punishment is unethical.

"The government also has a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment for prison officers and a safe living environment for prisoners. Privatising prisons is selling out that obligation.
"The escape of 3 prisoners from the private Parklea Jail at the beginning of the year was clear evidence of a failing private operator.

"The Grafton community needs the best protection it can get. Our town also needs public sector jobs, and these include those jobs at the jail," she said. 

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