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Friday, 18 November 2011

Janet Cavanaugh, the candidate opposing antimony mining in your water catchment

Janet opposes the reopening of the antimony mine
Mining and its threats to the Clarence’s water and food security is the key issue in this by-election. We have antimony mining proposed in the catchment of the Coffs-Clarence water supply and coal seam gas operations expanding throughout the area. 

    Janet Cavanaugh is the candidate saying, ‘Never!’ not ‘maybe’ to the antimony mine. The Clarence electorate is yet to become aware of the danger an antimony mine represents to the Clarence. We are not talking of a little bit of pollution. We are talking of open cut mine 1.5km x 0.5km under a very high rainfall. A tailings dam will collect antimony and arsenic (a byproduct) in polluted water, and must eventually overflow into the Clarence catchment. Like the Macleay River, our river will be poisoned for thousands of years. For a few jobs on the Dorrigo Plateau our  jobs including farming, tourism and fishing will be lost.

Janet Cavanaugh is one of the few local candidates really opposing dangerous mining practices. The Greens’ priorities are long-term investment in education, health , services, an upgraded highway and other transport services, and the creation of local jobs for our youth. Janet Cavanaugh wants to expand and improve the quality of tertiary education in the area, to improve transport options to jobs and services, and will fight to keep public sector jobs in our towns.

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