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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ian Price Anchor Resources; ABC interview November 16

Well my concerns weren't allayed, soothed or otherwise calmed. Jacquie Hudson from the Antimony Action Group spelled out the concerns of a Sawtell citizen, why she was worried about the proposed antimony mine in the catchment for Coff Harbour's water,  very clearly.

When Ian Price from Anchor Resources was interviewed the main point he wanted to make was that Anchor Resources is at the exploratory stage and the company has not decided to mine. Well we knew that. It is necessary to argue against further investment by Anchor Resources because once more is invested by the foreign and local shareholders the prevention will be much more difficult. Indeed Anchor Resources is very clear on its website that mining prospects are very 'positive' at that site, otherwise why spruik the asset to prospective shareholders?

"A scoping study released early 2011 indicates that positive financial returns are achievable from the project."

However, mining companies do not invest millions in exploration to walk away from a viable mine if they will make a profit for their shareholders. Under incisive questioning Mr Price admitted there was at least a 'moderate' amount of antimony ore. He did say some of the ore was deep and could not be mined using an open cut but he did say some of the ore could be mined using an open cut.

Once the company has invested in exploration and environment studies and reports the company's investment is massive. Anchor Resources will promise 'the world' to persuade the government to approve the mine. We know that mining companies walk away from polluted sites and we know that governments do not have a strong track record in monitoring and preventing pollution. We know this from the Hillgrove mine experience.

We all want productive industries with job opportunities but not at the expense of our children's health or jobs in other industries.

John Vernon for the Clarence Greens

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