- Protect our land and water from mining.
- Honesty and integrity in politics
- Local jobs
- People before profits
- Improved heath and education services.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Honesty in Politics. Janet is an honest, local resident.

A Sunday, November 13 story in the Brisbane Times brings to mind one of the main planks of Janet Cavanaugh's and the NSW Greens policy platform, honesty in politics. Apart from respecting our laws it also means, for a NSW Greens' candidate, not accepting donations from corporations to avoid any 'conflicts of interest'. You will note that Janet's campaign cannot afford any TV advertisements.


November 12, Daily Examiner

ballot box
Electoral and Funding Reform

Fix disclosure laws. Donations from large corporations to political parties erode the Australian democratic process. Big donors get access to politicians that ordinary people don't. This is wrong. Download Full Policy PDF

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