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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Headwaters not Deadwaters. No antimony mine near our water.

This Saturday the electors in Clarence will be able to clearly send a signal to the O'Farrell government about the proposed antimony mine on the headwaters of the Clarence and Nymboida Rivers. This message is also crucial for the residents of Sawtell and Coffs Harbour dependent on the same water source.

Only the Greens candidate Janet Cavanaugh is pressing for a complete ban on the reopening of the mine.

The National Party is enticed by the possibility of short term jobs and talks of a 'balance' between the environment and mining. The Nationals recently ruled out the possibility of even expediting a land use assessment when this was proposed by Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.
Labor still talks of a moratorium and safety measures.

Fence sitting politician with our future at the Karangi Dam protest
There is only one candidate that clearly states, “Don’t ever mine antimony at Wild Cattle Creek and risk our water.’ Don’t take the risk with ‘fence sitters’. 

Are these candidates seriously considering the possibility that an open cut antimony  mine, 1.5 km long and 0.5km wide, could be made safe? That could be a very long time. In our high rainfall it is inevitable that tailings containing arsenic and antimony will be washed into the Nymboida and Clarence, as has happened to the Macleay River. It may not happen next year or in the next ten years or even the next 50 years but these sites have the capacity to pollute for thousands of years.  The only safe way to contain antimony and arsenic is to not to disturb the ground.

Mr Wade Walker has represented ‘Steve Cansdell’s Office’ at at least one meeting and requested Pauline Hanson to stand in the Clarence electorate.  http://paulinehanson.com.au/pauline-hanson-2011/.  He might stand as an independent but his politics are ‘conservative’.

'Among Mr Walker's other key policies is more of an emphasis on renewable energy in the Clarence and also a halt to coal-seam gas exploration and antimony mining in the Clarence area until more is known about their environmental and health-related impacts.' Daily Examiner, November 8, 2011

In reality these candidates are mouthing ‘appropriate’ words like ‘balance’, ‘safeguards’, ‘protection of the environment’ and ‘calling a halt until more is known’ hoping that this greenwashing will sooth the concerned voter. Don’t be fooled.

There is only one candidate that clearly states, “Don’t ever mine antimony at Wild Cattle Creek and risk our water.’  That candidate is the NSW Greens Janet Cavanaugh.

Don’t take the risk with ‘fence sitters’. Send a message to the O’Farrell government. Vote Green on Saturday.

John Vernon for the MNC Greens

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