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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Greens support regional jobs and services

Janet Cavanaugh & David Shoebridge MP outside Grafton Jail
Greens candidate for the Clarence by-election, Janet Cavanaugh, and Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge today spoke at Grafton Jail in support of regional jobs and public sector wages and conditions. 

Ms Cavanaugh said: “The O’Farrell Government is attacking the public sector that is vital to deliver government services to our region. 

“This was a government that came to power by promising jobs in regional NSW and yet one of its first actions was to slash jobs here at Grafton Jail and at the Forest Science section in Trenayr. 

“The relocation of the long-term female inmates to Kempsey has led to the loss of 13 jobs at the Jail. 

“This is 13 pay cheques taken out of our region, with flow on effects to the rest of the local economy,” Ms Cavanaugh. 

“The relocation of the women prisoners means their families now have hundreds of kilometres to travel to maintain contact. This is a punishment on their innocent children,” she said. 

Mr Shoebridge said: “In eight short months, a pattern has developed of the O’Farrell Government consistently attacking the public sector. 

“Cuts in jobs and wages and conditions will have a real ongoing impact on the Clarence’s economy. It will also see the government’s ability to deliver quality services continue to decline,” he said. 

Janet Cavanaugh – 0429 479 968 David Shoebridge – 0408 113 952

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