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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Greens confirm opposition to electricity privatisation

Greens candidate for the Clarence by-election, Janet Cavanaugh, today confirmed her
Electrical Grid (courtesy Wikipedia.org)
opposition to electricity privatisation in response to the challenge from the Electrical Trades Union. 

“The Greens have a good track record when it comes to electricity privatisation,” Ms Cavanaugh said. 

“We opposed it under Labor and we are opposed to it now under the Liberal/ National Coalition Government. 

“It doesn’t make sense, particularly when it comes to the poles and wires which deliver electricity to our region and our households. These are an essential service and a natural monopoly. They should not be run for profit. 

“I fully support the Union’s campaign and have been collecting signatures on their petition at markets and at my shop in Casino. 

“Electricity privatisation will result in massive losses of local jobs, with negative impacts throughout our local economy. It will exacerbate already high levels of youth unemployment.
“It will also mean higher electricity prices, and a less reliable network with more blackouts and reduced public safety as maintenance work is sacrificed in the name of profit. 

“At the same time, it will rob NSW of what's left of an important revenue stream, and badly constrain greenhouse gas abatement strategies. 

“I am assured by the Greens MPs in the NSW Parliament that, if Barry O'Farrell breaks his election promise and tries to sell the wires and poles he will face a hard slog through the NSW Upper House.” 

According to Greens NSW spokesperson on Energy, Dr John Kaye MP, the Greens will join with the unions to mount a massive campaign to stop electricity privatisation happening.


Contact: Janet Cavanaugh – 0429 479 968


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