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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Greens call for overhaul of Forests NSW

Janet Cavanaugh and David Shoebridge in Doubleduke State Forest, November 15, 2011
Greens candidate for the Clarence by-election, Janet Cavanaugh, today joined calls by NSW Greens Forestry spokesperson David Shoebridge MP for an overhaul of Forests NSW and their timber supply contracts to ensure the long-term sustainability of the native timber industry. These calls were made while visiting Doubleduke State Forest southwest of Woodburn.

Ms Cavanaugh said: “I am a strong supporter of continued forestry in native forests but it needs to be environmentally sustainable.
“The threatened species licence (TSL) and codes of practice are meant to be controlling forestry’s impacts. However the destruction of threatened species habitat and endangered ecological communities (EECs) is still occurring.
“When I inspected the alleged breaches of the TSL of in Doubleduke State Forest in January this year, I expressed concern that our state forests were not in safe hands, contrary to the signs and the intent of the legislation.
“Those breaches had been first reported by the Clarence Environment Centre in April 2010. It is only in the last month that the Office of Environment and Heritage is finally taking action on this case in the NSW Land and Environment Court.
“In a separate case, Justice Pepper commented on Forests NSW’s cavalier attitude to compliance with environmental laws. This is not good enough for our public native forest assets,” she said.
Mr Shoebridge said: “It was revealed last week through court documents obtained under FOI applications that Forests NSW is facing ongoing commercial damages claims from Boral Ltd for failing to supply enough timber from state forests.
“The same documents reveal that in 2006 Forests NSW paid $500,000 to Boral for shortfalls in timber supply from 2003 to 2005. Now Boral is again taking Forests NSW to court seeking uncapped damages for shortfalls in wood supplies from 2005 to present.
“It is evident that Forests NSW is, for the most part, running our forests at a serious commercial loss, with the NSW public now paying Boral for the privilege of logging state forests.
“Major shifts in NSW forest policy are urgently required in order to achieve ecologically sustainable forest management and to protect tax payers from ongoing commercial damages claims.
“The Greens are pressing for an urgent review of this State's forest policy.  If we don't act soon, our state forests will be irreparably damaged by Forests NSW in order to meet the short-term and unsustainable timber demands of Boral,” Mr Shoebridge said.

Contact:    David Shoebridge 0408 113 952
                  Janet Cavanaugh 0429 479 968

Frances Pike, Forest Campaigner, has sent this evidence of the damage to our forests in these two  videos.

"My aerial footage of the damage at regional level.  What is really taking place in Mid North Coast Forests.

Without voice over aerial footage of destrution from to the Coast...note that this does NOT include the vast areas of clear fell of plantations.
 With voice over explanation
Frances has more evidence at  www.nativesrule.org Look for "more evidence" on home page under Aerial Footage mention.  It is a short comprehensive summary.

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