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Monday, 21 November 2011

Election analysis

I've had time to digest the election results now.

I'm really pleased about the significant increase in vote in all of the Grafton booths (47% increase overall). My vote at the Community Centre in Duke St almost doubled compared to the March state election. The photo on the left is of me with Tony and Esther at the Community Centre in the afternoon.

I was the highest scoring candidate at the Nymboida booth on Saturday. This is the first time that the Greens have ever won a booth in Clarence. Woo hoo!!

In contrast, Labor didn't outpoll the Nationals at any booths across the electorate.

I admit to feeling ambushed by Labor's shift to focus their campaign purely on coal seam gas mining on Saturday (i.e. stealing my platform and presumably many votes that would otherwise had been first preference for the Greens). The budget for this shift must have been phenomenal, with large banners throughout town (see photo, right), and a different how-to-vote featuring a membership form for Country Labor on the back under the heading: "Join Country Labor and help stop coal seam gas mining in our valley".

I claim this as a victory of sorts: it cost me votes but I believe it reflected the strength of my campaign in making the by-election about mining regulation. I take the credit for forcing NSW Labor to reverse its policy on coal seam gas.

I can only hope that John Robertson follows through and works to get a change in Federal Labor's stance, and will vote in support of the Greens bill for a moratorium on the coal seam gas industry.

I believe I ran a good campaign, and one which I can be proud of. I certainly felt that I earned a lot of respect across the whole electorate, for myself and The Greens. We'll be back next time.

PS. As a Richmond Valley resident, I have to say that I was disappointed throughout the campaign by the poor coverage in the Northern Star. I spoke to a number of people in the Mid Richmond last week who did not even know there was a by-election happening on Saturday. There was no mention in their on-line version and the only articles in the last week of the campaign were buried after page 10.

The Northern Star is losing touch with the Richmond Valley local government area. I am glad that, despite this, my vote in the Mid Richmond booths remained relatively unchanged and strong (Coraki - 12.7%, Broadwater - 13.6%, Evans Head - 9.3%, Woodburn - 15.6%). My vote in South Casino increased by 40%.

2011 Clarence By-election Results

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