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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Education Minister Piccoli is trying to shirk his duties.

Janet Cavanaugh expressed her strong support for the campaign by public school teachers for wage justice.

Greens Media release: 3 November 2011

Revelations that teacher pay rises will be gained through savings made by delivering autonomy to principals highlight the risks the devolution agenda poses to public education, Greens NSW MP John Kaye ('Extra pay rises linked to school budget cuts', SMH, 3 November http://bit.ly/sRHamb).

Dr Kaye said: "Education Minister Adrian Piccoli's attempt to pass his discussion paper off as merely a mechanism to delivering better learning outcomes in schools has been thoroughly exposed.

"The government's Local Schools, Local Decisions agenda is not just about handing more decision-making power to principals. It is also an exercise in cost cutting.

"Putting more decision making power in the hands of principals will become a blame shifting exercise where the government avoids its responsibilities to provide quality resources for all students in public schools.

"Principals will be forced to make difficult choices in their staffing arrangements.

"Minister Piccoli is trying to shirk his duties. It is the role of government to ensure that every public school classroom has a qualified teacher and the teaching workforce have access to fair wages and conditions.

"It is not up to school principals who are educational leaders, not financial managers.

"Mr Piccoli cannot hide behind the autonomy process as the only solution to delivering resources where they are most needed.

"Teachers, principals and parents can tell him that information already, without slashing the education budget to do so.

"If the Minister was serious about delivering better learning outcomes in NSW public schools, he would abandon his government's wage-freeze policy and start negotiating a pay offer that respects the profession and attracts new teachers to the job," Dr Kaye said.

For more information: John Kaye 0407 195 455

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