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Saturday, 12 November 2011

The community protests Wild Cattle Creek antimony mine.

Over 60 people attended this protest at Karangi Dam which was an excellent number given the protest
Over sixty attendees
was organised in three days.  Groups attending were: The MNC Greens, Coffs Harbour Greens, Clarence Greens, Dorrigo Environment Watch, Antimony Action (Sawtell) and other concerned locals including the owner of a tourism business.

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Messages were read from  Greens Cr Mark Graham and  Greens Clarence candidate Janet Cavanaugh.  There were numerous other speakers.

An unknown politician attended but found it was most uncomfortable trying to 'balance' and sit on the fence. These visitors from the Dorrigo plateau brought home to all of us that our concern must be for our future generations and those in our care. Only politicians who demand that no antimony mines are ever developed in such a high rainfall location can be comfortable about their political policy.  Talking of a 'balance' between mining and the environment won't 'cut the mustard' in this case. Waiting to see if environmental aspects are sufficient is not good enough. A 1.5km by 0.5km open cut mine with a tailings dam in that high average rainfall location will never be safe for future generations no matter what the miners promise the gullible and those who want excuses to profit either financially or politically.

Bob Palmer

Businessman Bob Palmer spoke of how the old site of the Wild Cattle Creek mine is already poisoning the water of Wild Cattle Creek and how fish are only present above the tailing wash from the old mine. Water tests are being undertaken by the Dorrigo Environment Watch group.

 A collection was undertaken and over $250 was collected to fund stickers. The residents of the Dorrigo Plateau, Clarence Valley and the Coffs Harbour area will continue protesting the reopening of this mine and their protests will grow in size. A petition is being circulated to gather enough signatures for presentation to the NSW parliament.

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