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Monday, 14 November 2011

Clarence future at risk from O'Farrell's attack on TAFE

Janet Cavanaugh, Greens Candidate for Clarence
Environment – Social Justice - Peace - Democracy
Vote 1 The Greens.

PO Box 1324, Grafton NSW 2460
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Greens candidate for Clarence Janet Cavanaugh today joined Upper House MP John Kaye in calling for an end to the attacks on TAFE.

Ms Cavanaugh said: "A strong TAFE system is central to the economic future of the Clarence.

"It makes no sense to force TAFE into competition against low cost, low quality private providers. It makes even less sense to cut its budget.

"Yet this exactly what the O'Farrell government has done since it came to power eight months ago.

"As the world's economy lurches towards the abyss, the Clarence is particularly vulnerable to economic stagnation and rising unemployment.

"Maintaining and extending the local skills base is essential to ensuring that industries and primary producers can make their way through uncertain times.

"The election of the O'Farrell government has opened the floodgates in NSW to Federal Labor's TAFE privatisation agenda.

"We urge voters on Saturday to send a message to both state and federal governments that the development of skills is too important to be sacrificed to a dangerous experiment in competitive markets and reduced funding," Ms Cavanaugh said.

Dr Kaye said: "First the O'Farrell government cut TAFE's annual funding by $55.9 million. Then the Minister for Education and National Party MP Adrian Piccoli published his Smart and Skilled discussion paper that argues for competition between TAFE and private providers for funding, greater fees and loans so that students can pay them.

"Last month they rammed legislation through state parliament to dump TAFE employees onto the Federal industrial relations system. Teachers could soon face the choice of cuts in wages or massive job losses.

"The future of TAFE now hangs in the balance. Voters in the Clarence have a lot to lose if the O'Farrell government abandons TAFE to market forces," Dr Kaye said.

John Kaye 0407 195 455


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