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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Antimony mine: O'Farrell says the government was working toward implementing an independent body to regulate

Whenever the O'Farrell government wants to shelve an issue that might not show this government in a positive light it institutes an enquiry or,  as in this case, establishes an independent body. This is meant to be an alternative to stating their position. Well in this case, the position of the government, at the very least, is that the reopening of the antimony mine may proceed.

I wonder if the science employed by this 'independent' body will be as derided as was the science of the government's own fishing scientists? If a recommendation does not appeal to the Liberal/Nationals will the mine be allowed to proceed until another scientific enquiry occurs?

Excerpt from The Daily Examiner Saturday, November 5 .

Were the Liberals and Nationals calling for this independent body over the last sixteen years?

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